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SYMBIOSIS is a miracle of science and wisdom enriched by powerful music and song. The charisma and passion of Jacquelyn-Rose capture and hold your attention until long past the show’s climax. If you have ever wondered why mankind’s history is wrought violence, see this show. If you’ve ever wondered how we could have peace, see this show. If you’ve ever wondered who is in control of your life, see this show.

Jacquelyn-Rose invites you to embark on a journey, a journey into the mind, a journey into the present, the past and into the future. Launching from the outer world, SYMBIOSIS spirals into the inner world of consciousness from which springs forth every experience. Your thoughts have power. Think Consciously is the urgent message of SYMBIOSIS.

SYMBIOSIS is a musically anointed map into the treasure of yourself. Because of our interconnectedness of vibration and energy, every thought of love raises the vibration of everything and every thought of hate lowers the vibration. Collectively our world reflects our misunderstanding that we are separate and independent people rather than brothers and sisters joined together in a common energy field. The understanding of SYMBIOSIS blasts through the hidden hates of fear into the simplicity of loving forgiveness destined to transform how you look at yourself.


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